I do everything right, but can't get 100% score with SEO Scorer

Please make sure that your theme or SEO settings by another plugin don't interfere. For example:

Some themes may add extra phrases before or after a post title. For example:

Your site name - Your keyword phrase

"Your site name" may interfere with the score. It may make the entire title longer than 66 characters, or make the title not start with the main keyword.

Another example: Some WordPress themes don't have a meta description, so you may need to use a free plugin like Platinum SEO Pack to add the description.

To see if your site appears to the search engines as you think it does, please visit the post in question (live) and then "view source." Check out the title meta tag and other tags and see what comes up there.

Finally, keep in mind that a 100% score isn't needed. Anything above 90% is well above what most of your competitors are doing right now.

Have a perfect score as something to go towards, but not something to achieve necessarily.



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