The CB Goliath link cloaking function doesn't work

Link cloaking refers to the fact that your Clickbank id will not be visible on your site itself (if a visitor hovers their cursor over the link for example).

After they click, they will be taken to the merchant's site, through your affiliate link. Now, in some cases, your Clickbank id will appear at the end of the browser's address bar, and sometimes not.

This has to do exclusively with how the merchant has set up their site, and whether they choose to hide the affiliate ids or not.

From a technical standpoint, the only way to "always" hide the affiliate id, no matter what the merchant's site settings are, is if we use an "iframe."

Unfortunately, there are two big issues with this:

1) Internet Explorer is notorious for not allowing cookies through iframes, so you wouldn't get credit for a large percentage of the sales.

2) Clickbank doesn't allow iframes, and they have actually shut down affiliate accounts because of this.

So, we are doing the best of what we have to work with. Rest assured, that there's no bug in the plugin, and the cloaking function works as it's supposed it to.

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