Does my host have cPanel? (WP Empire Builder)

Here are some ways to find out if your host has cPanel:

1) Try to login to your site's back-end by adding /cpanel after the domain. For example, if your domain is, you would visit:

If you see a cPanel login screen, like the one below, your site has cPanel:


2) When you login to your site's back-end do you see the cPanel logo there?



3) You can also always ask your host if your account has cPanel, or if they can give you an account with cPanel. :-)



Avoid this mistake:

Please do not mistaken "control panel" with cPanel.

There are several server "control panels" like DirectAdmin and cPanel.

cPanel is one of the "control panels" (by far the most popular one). But not all control panels are cPanel. :-)


My host does not use CPanel. Can I still use WP Empire Builder?



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