Ama Search Bar does not appear on my blog

If the bar doesn't appear on your blog, in 90% of the cases it's because there's a bug in your blog's active theme, or in a plugin that is active on your blog.

Our plugins are "coded to standards" (Wordpress standards, browser standards, PHP standards... you name it).

Before you contact us for support, please activate the default theme Twenty Eleven. If the bar appears, then there's an issue with the previous active theme.

If the bar still doesn't appear, please try deactivating your other plugins and reactivating them a few at a time, till you find the plugin that causes the issue (I know this can be a pain in the butt).

Once you find the theme or plugin in question, please contact their developer and ask them why the bar doesn't appear when their theme/plugin is active. If they think there's a bug in our plugin, we will fix it (again, from experience, in 90% of cases the bug is with the other themes and plugins, and that's a fact).

It can cost us several hours and 100ds of dollars in programmer fees on a daily basis to find these bugs by the other themes and plugins.

We would rather spend this time and money adding new cool features to the plugin you purchased. All customers get free lifetime updates.

If Ama Search Bar cannot be made to work on your blog, we will gladly send you another one of our Wordpress plugins to make it up to you. :-)


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