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Can I edit an existing table in Azon Profit Poster?
Sure! Just go to edit (or create) a post or page. You will see the Azon Profit Poster widget below the content text area. Select the table you want to edit from the drop down menu, and click the "edi...
How do I add an existing Amazon product table to a post or page with Azon Profit Poster?
1) Go to the edit-post or edit-page screen and place your cursor in the text area, where you want the Amazon table to appear. 2) Click the Azon Profit Poster icon above the text area. A drop-down men...
While going through the Azon Profit Poster wizard, I received a "Terminated" error
This can happen in rare conditions (like when opening the plugin in two windows). Basically, it means that the plugin received a process termination command (sent by Cancel button for example). &nbs...
With Azon Profit Poster I get the message "Table Name: Value is required and can't be empty"
Please enter a name for your table at the top of the screen :-).
Amazon API returned error: Request from [number] is throttled - Azon Profit Poster
This just means that too many requests were sent to the Amazon API in a short period of time. Please wait for 30 mins and try again. It should work fine.
"Amazon API returned error: We encountered an internal error"
If you get this message, please login once to your Amazon Product Advertising API panel and then go here to deactivate and reactivate your API key.

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