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The banner doesn't appear on my blog! [Auto Azon Banner]
1) First of all, make sure you have the latest version of the plugin, and not one of the earlier versions. You can upgrade with one click. 2) Make sure your search criteria isn't too strict. For exam...
Amazon API returned error: Request from [number] is throttled - Auto Azon Banner
This just means that too many requests were sent to the Amazon API in a short period of time. Please wait for 30 mins and try again. It should work fine.
"Amazon API returned error: We encountered an internal error" [Auto Azon Banner]
If you get this message, please login once to and reactivate your API key.
The banner hides my header graphic or content [Auto Azon Banner]
This may happen if you use too small of a screen resolution, or if your header graphic is too wide (for example, if it takes up 100% of the screen's width). Try placing the banner in the sidebar of y...

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