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The search results aren't aligned properly in Ama Search Bar
This likely has to do with the active theme on your blog. Try switching to a different theme and see if the results get aligned properly. If you
The results in Ama Search Bar aren't relevant enough
This can be the case, especially if you pre-select a discount percentage for your visitors. For example, 1-20%. Ama Search Bar gets results directly from the Amazon API, which isn't always "perfect" ...
Ama Search Bar is hiding the Wordpress admin bar at the top
You can just click the green arrow on the right of Ama Search Bar and it will hide the bar. You will then be able to see the Wordpress admin bar again.  
Ama Search Bar does not appear on my blog
If the bar doesn't appear on your blog, in 90% of the cases it's because there's a bug in your blog's active theme, or in a plugin that is active on your blog. Our plugins are "coded to standards" (W...

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