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The WP Stealth Note window doesn't appear on my blog
1) Make sure that you have set the window to appear where you want it (homepage, posts, pages).2) If you have selected the rotated messages to appear, say, once every 3 days, and you visit your bl
0 Day option won't save in WP Stealth Note
You can set to show the message to the same visitor every "0" days or just leave the field blank. "0" or "blank" is the same thing. In both cases, the message will always appear. The plugin just rever...
I can't see the WP Stealth Note widget under the post editor
Please create at least one message in the WP Stealth Note admin panel, and save your settings. The widget will then be activated for your posts and pages.
I get a 406 error and can't add media like images in WP Stealth Note
Make sure that the error isn't something that's happening already when you create a new post. Some servers have security settings that disallow adding images in posts. Since WP Stealth Note relies on ...
I use the Socrates theme and WP Stealth Note doesn't appear on my blog
The problem is common among many WP themes. Here's the technical explanation: In header.php file on line 151, the theme loads custom jQuery version ignoring that one shipped with WP and thus replaces...
The WP Stealth Note message window appears all the time on my site, even though it's supposed to only appear once every 3 days.
Please make sure that you don't have any "caching" plugins on your site (like "W3 Total Cache" or "WP Super Cache"). If you do, deactivate them, or at least disable their caching option.Obviously our ...

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