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How do I get a YouTube API Key v3?
Please watch this quick video:  
I can't activate 1-Click Video Site Builder
Sometimes, your JV Zoo login email may be different than your Paypal email you purchased with. You need to enter the Paypal email in the activation field.
I upgraded to the PRO version of 1-Click Video Site Builder. Do I need to install the basic one?
If you have installed the basic version on your WordPress site, please deactivate it and delete it before installing the PRO version. Otherwise, WordPress won't allow you to install the PRO version....
I wanted to upgrade to the PRO version, but lost the OTO upgrade link
Here's the link to the PRO version: Ke
I have an existing YouTube API Key. Do I need a new one?
You can use your existing YouTube API key! :-)
No results found. No videos found
Using strict search criteria is good, but make sure you don't make them TOO strict. For example, if you search within a specific YouTube channel, and only want videos about a specific keyword, that h...
Do I need to use both the basic and the PRO versions?
If you have purchased the PRO version as an upgrade to the basic version, then you can use the PRO version directly on your sites.Please note: The price of the PRO is at least $69, but when someone pa...
What theme / template can I use with 1-Click Video Site Builder?
The plugin should work with pretty much any theme, including your favorite one. That said, here are a few themes to get you started:
Does the plugin work with any language?
Yes, the plugin will work with any language, including English, Spanish, German, French, or any other language with latin characters.
I can's select some videos from the preview page
Sometimes, when you go to preview the videos that can be fetched, you may see that some of them are stricken through and that you can't select them. Like so:
Where can I find affiliate links to post under the videos?
You can find an affiliate link from one of your favorite products. Here are places to find products with affiliate programs:
Why do some of the bonuses require me to optin?
In the members area, we have a link to a page that offers extra bonuses. All the products on that page take you to a squeeze page.  You can optin and download your bonus. Those are bonuses from ...
YouTube API request failed: Invalid Channel
If you get the message "YouTube API request failed: Invalid channel", then this means that the channel id you entered is not valid. You need to use the CHANNEL ID, and NOT the USER ID. :-)
Can I add my own posts on 1-Click Video Site Builder sites?
You absolutely can! The plugin does its own thing. It generates its own posts. You are free to also create posts by using other plugins, or creat
How do the monetization templates work?
They are used so you can add monetization in your posts, automatically. For example, you may want to create 10 "fat loss" video posts with a link below the video that points to a "fat loss" product ...
Can I use other people's YouTube videos on my site?
Every time someone uploads a video to YouTube, they know that the video can be embedded on another site (unless they specifically block embedding). When a video is embedded on a site, this means more...
The referrer null does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API key.
In some cases, you may get this (grammatically incorrect) message; Error. YouTube API request failed: The referrer null does not match does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API ...
Http 404 405 500 error not allowed
If you get a "404 not allowed" error while running the plugin (or 405 or 500), this is likely a script execution time limit set by your host. You may want to ask them to lift that limit. Another opti...
YouTube API request failed: Failed to connect to 2607:f8b0:4004:80e::200a: Network is unreachable
QUICK ANSWER: Please ask your host why the error happens when trying to reach the domain.- - - DETAILED ANSWER: If you
How to hide the featured image above the video?
You can download this free plugin:
How to organize my post and templates?
You can try this: Create "monetization template 1" with "link 1" in it, generate "category 1" and search for videos with "keyword 1" to post under that category.
Another instance is running. Terminated
If you get the error: "Another instance is running. TerminatedAnother instance running detected. Only one instance of the post generation process can run at the same time. Terminated the process."
InnoDB error
If you try to activate the plugin and get an error like this: - - - The plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

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