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No merchants found when running CB Goliath - but there are many in the Clickbank marketplace
Please click the "preview Clickbank results" button. You may see that no results are returnedToo many keywords confuse the Clickbank marketplace search engine.
Can I schedule posts under specific blog categories with CB Goliath?
Yes. Here's an example: Enter some "dog" keywords and check the "Dogs" blog category from the list of the available blog categories on the right (or, click the "+ Add New Category" button to create t...
Cannot extract category list error with CB Goliath
1) First of all, make sure you have the very latest version of the plugin. Please go under "plugins", find "CB Goliath " and click the "update automatically" link. If you can't see this link, then cli...
The CB Goliath link cloaking function doesn't work
Link cloaking refers to the fact that your Clickbank id will not be visible on your site itself (if a visitor hovers their cursor over the link for example). After they click, they will be taken to t...
Error getting information from ClickBank: Cannot extract category list
Sometimes, Clickbank may change their user agreement. In those cases, they require you to login to your account and accept the agreement. Please
Do I need to add the ClickBank Trust Badge in my posts?
No. The ClickBank Trust Badge is supposed to be used only by vendors (not affiliates).  

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