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I'm getting an error when clicking the optimize button [1-Click WP SEO]
Make sure you read this :-)
Error getting related terms: You are not subscribed to the Bing API service [1-Click WP SEO]
Please make sure you have signed up for a free Bing API key here:
I can't see the changes that 1-Click WP SEO makes in my post
1-Click WP SEO uses "smart filtering" to optimize your posts and pages on the fly. This means that when you go to "edit" a post or page, the optimization will NOT be visible in the editor. But it WILL...
The permalink function doesn't work with 1-Click WP SEO.
Please keep in mind that in some cases, there may be conflicts with other urls on your site that have already "reserved" the url (for example, a category with the url In ...

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