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Cannot import content - error 405, 406
If the WordPress site you will try to import content from (Source Site) has active security plugins, you may want to disable them, before importing content. Security plugins (like WordFence) can blo...
One of my other plugins doesn't work now that I installed WP Empire Builder
We are NOT the ones who came up with the "Wordpress Multi-Site" concept – the Wordpress guys did :-). We just made it much simpler and more user-friendly.  Some plugins may not be compatib...
I can't find my download link for WP Empire Builder
Please follow the instructions below: 1) Go to (login if you are not logged in already)
I purchased the Domination license of WP Empire Builder and I want to upgrade to the Enterprise license
Please open a support ticket and include the Paypal email you used to make your purchase with. We will get back to you ASAP with instructions on how to upgrade.
Can I use WP Empire Builder to manage existing blogs?
The whole idea of Wordpress Multisite is to create a network of blogs that share the same Wordpress database. If you have already set up a blog before, then it means that that partictular blog has a W...
I tried to import one of my existing WordPress sites with WP Empire Builder and now that site has vanished
Don't worry :-) Our cPanel integration feature removes any addon/parked records for a domain before adding its own. Otherwise, it will fail due to duplicate record for the same domain.
I turned my WordPress site to multisite with WP Empire Builder but need to restore my site back to normal
Please edit wp-config.php and change define('MULTISITE', 1); to define('MULTISITE', 0); This will simply switch WP back to single site mode but our other modifications will still be in place.
Will I have to create a multi-site installation upfront in order to use WP Empire Builder?
No. That's the whole point of the plugin. It upgrades your blog to multisite version with just one click. Actually, it does something even better: It upgrades your blog to a custom, intuitive, easy-to...
When using WP Empire Builder, will I be able to upgrade my Wordpress version when a new one becomes available?
Yes you should. WP Empire Builder doesn't interfere with that process at any point. If you are unable to upgrade, there can be several other reasons why. For example, maybe you unintentionally modif...
I'm locked out of my site and cannot login after using WP Empire Builder
It may be a browser issue on your end. Please try clearing your cookies and your browser's cache, and try again. You can also try with a di
How can I use WP Empire Builder with a plugin like 1-Minute WP Launcher or WP FreshStart?
The best way to go about it is this: Install WP Empire Builder. Upgrade your site to Empire version.
With WP Empire Builder, is the process of logging in and out of my blogs secure?
Yes. Unlike other solutions that have you install a separate plugin in each blog, and that leave up security backdoors for others to exploit, you are actually updating everything from within your own ...
Why do I need to enter my cPanel login info in WP Empire Builder?
When you launch a new Wordpress blog in a subdirecory, a subdomain or a totally new domain, you always need to first create those in your cPanel (or via FTP). But it's VERY easy to misunderstand what ...
Can the child sites that I add with WP Empire Builder be on a completely different server?
No they cannot. Your network of blogs needs to be on a single server that has cPanel (95% of hosts have it).
With WP Empire Builder, do I need to register a new domain, if I want a new child site to be on its own domain?
Yes. You will still need to register a domain, as usual, and point its nameservers to your host. You won't need to add the domain or addon domain to your cPanel though. WP Empire Builder will do thi...
With WP Empire Builder, do I need to have the same plugins and active theme on all my child blogs?
No! You can still upload individual plugins separately to a particular child blog, or use a different theme on any of the child blogs. No limitations.
I use Wordpress multisite to run a membership site or manage websites for clients. Will WP Empire Builder work for this?
Due to popular demand, in less than 48 hours, we will add a new feature and you will be able to do this. The typical Wordpress multisite setup doesn't allow child blog admins to edit plugins or themes...
I read the FAQ and tried everything but the issue persists
If you have already read the WP Empire Builder FAQ but the issue persists and you need us to login to your blog to fix it, follow the instructions below:Please Open a support ticket (or reply to the e...
My Wordpress blog logged me out, once I used WP Empire Builder
This can happen if you have set up the URL of your blog to If possible, try to set the URL of your new blog to and not In some cases, wordpress rea...
Can I install WP Empire Builder in an existing WP Multisite setup to make everything easier to manage?
Yes you can. WP Empire Builder can be installed on an existing WP Multisite.
What happens if I uninstall WP Empire Builder and then I install it again?
Once you uninstall it, your blog will return to a default Wordpress multi-site setup (it won't turn back into a "mere mortal" blog :-). However, all the easy navigation will be lost. If you later reac...
Multisite doesn't allow me to upload files above 1500 kb!
This is just something that WP Multisite does by default.You may change the file limits under "Settings" The url to that page on your blog sh
Will WP Empire Builder work with Godaddy hosting?
Godaddy recently added cpanel to their hosting, so yes - WP Empire Builder will work there as well! Hallelujah! :-)
How do I upload a new theme for many blogs with WP Empire Builder?
1) Click the Empire Builder tab 2) Click the "Manage Themes" link 3) Click "Add new" at the top
I see an FTP login screen when trying to upgrade my site to Empire version with WP Empire Builder
Sometimes, you may try to click the blue button that says "Upgrade Site to Empire Version" and get the following error: "Sorry, an attempt to upgrade your blog to Empire version failed due to a criti...
I can't upload or install a theme or plugin with WP Empire Builder
To upload themes or plugins on Multisite, please use the "network" page of your network. This means not your network's main "blog" but the network admin page. Please go to Empire Builder ==> Manage...
Error Establishing Database Connection with WP Empire Builder
Sometimes, the network installation process may be terminated in the middle or part of the job wasn't complete. 1) Please send us your blog's login URL, username and password, in the following forma...
How can I update to the latest version of WP Empire Builder?
If you have already downloaded the UpgradeMe plugin before, Find the "Network Plugins" Page. The URL should look something
I get an error that says headers already sent and pluggable.php with WP Empire Builder
If you get an error similar to: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/user/public_html/ in /...
Will WP Empire Builder work on reseller hosting?
If you use reseller hosting, keep in mind that each installation of WP Empire Builder can only work on ONE cPanel. This means that all the child blogs of your network will need to be on the same cPane...
How can I add Google Webmaster tools verification file to a child blog of a multi-site network created with WP Empire Builder?
Simply put the verification file to the root folder of the Wordpress installation (the root folder of the "mother blog"). The files in the folder are served for ANY site (child blog) on the network.
WP Empire Builder: Error: "Custom post type 'XYZ' found in the export file is not defined on this blog" when trying to import content
If you try to import content with WP Empire Builder and you get an error like: Error: Custom post type 'XYZ' found in the export file is not defined on this blog. Please install a plugin or theme def...
How can I upload files to my multisite network sites I created with WP Empire Builder? The folder structure seems confusing
This is a well known WP multisite limitation (not caused by WP Empire Builder). It doesn't allow you uploading custom files to a root folder of a child site or to a custom folder other than "files". ...
WP Empire Builder won't acccept my cPanel credentials, but I know they are correct
Some hosts allow logging in to cPanel using a domain name but the cPanel API still requires the real user name. Usually, the username can be found on the right-hand side of cPanel, under "Username" ...
Plugin "X" requires network activation on multisite but WP Empire Builder does not allow network activation for it
Plugins that can be activated for the whole network only must declare their special status. Unfortunately, some network-wide plugins are still missing proper declaration. To fix that, please ask the...
Will the search engines index my top level domain with WP Empire Builder?
When you use WordPress multisite, then your new page will have TWO available urls: and: domain-nam
The WP Empire Builder admin panel is blank
This usually means one of these two things: 1) A plugin on your site is causing a javascript error. Try deactivating all plugins except WP Empire Builder to see if it makes a difference. You can reac...
How can I backup my multisite?
There are several free plugins that backup multisite like:
Where's the OTO page so I can upgrade to WP Empire Deluxe?
Here's the upgrade page:  
My host does not use CPanel. Can I still use WP Empire Builder?
WP Empire Builder will still work, it's just that it cannot create directories, subdomains and addon domains automatically. Those would need to be done manually.Any (sub-) domain you add should be map...
Can I clone a site from one host to another with WP Empire Builder Deluxe?
Currently, the plugin can clone sites in the same network of sites it manages  (which are on one host).
Cannot import custom post type and taxonomy with WP Empire Builder
As the error messages says, the source site contains items of custom post type and custom taxonomy, not supported on the mother site. Therefore they cannot be imported. Custom post types and taxonomi...
I have a subdomain multisite and WP Empire Builder doesn't work there
WP Empire Builder only works with directory multisites. If you use a subdomain multisite, you can change it to a directory multisite. Here's how to do that:
How to add folders and directories to child sites
WordPress multisite has some restrictions regarding folders in a child site mapped to a separate domain. That said, If you want to create folders in child sites, you can do so.
How do search engines like Google know which site domain is the right one? [WP Empire Builder]
Let's say your "mother" site is: Let's say your "child" site is:
Does my host have cPanel? (WP Empire Builder)
Here are some ways to find out if your host has cPanel: 1) Try to login to your site's back-end by adding /cpanel after the domain. For example, if your domain is, you would visit: my-site...

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