A Wordpress plugin gives me an error

Sometimes, you may get an error while using one of our Wordpress plugins, which is due to an outside factor that we don't control.

70% of support tickets fall in this category!

For example:

- a plugin on your blog may be stopping javascript from running properly

- the active theme on your blog may be filtering out content for some reason

- your host may be running an older version of PHP

How to eliminate the problem in 70% of the cases:

- You can set up a test blog

- Run the plugin with all other plugins deactivated

- use the default Wordpress theme (Twenty Ten).

- make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress

- If the plugin works, then activate your theme and plugins one by one to see which one is "failing."

What to do if the above doesn't solve the problem:

A) Please set up a new administrator account in your blog

You can create a new user under: Users ==> Add New
email:[enter your email address]
username:[select a username]
password: [select a password]

ROLE: Administrator. <-- [Very important]

B) Open a support ticket (or reply to the existing ticket you have opened) and let us know:

- what issue you are facing

- the login URL, username and password for the admin user you set up

We will have a look and see what's going on. :-)

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