How can I get traffic to my sites?

1) Keep in mind that the PRO version has many more traffic-generation features like Embedded video reviews, text rewriting, social site syndication for automatic backlinks, etc...

If you can afford the PRO version, it will give you more opportunities to get traffic to your sites.

2) Try to use your own domain name. People, Amazon and Google trust (and reward) a site that has its own domain much more.

You can still use the directory option to put up a site quickly, but mapping you own domain is the best way to go.

3) Adding unique content to your site helps. You can add your own content in the posts generated by Azon Profit Builder. You can even create your own posts from scratch with articles related to your niche.

You can use PLR articles, although unique content is always better. If you don't like writing, you can find writers on

4) Here's a bonus traffic method:

Add an article to your site like "10 great dog toy ideas" and promote that via Facebook ads.

Each time you mention a dog toy in your article, link to the specific Amazon product post on your site.

Facebook advertising works better when the "ad" appears to be offering free content.

We really like Miles Beckler's videos on Facebook advertising. Here's one:


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