The scheduling option has vanished

In an effort to stay up to date with modern SEO practices, as well as simplify the system, we recently discontinued the "scheduling" option for product posts.

The "old" way of SEO was to show that content was added to your site gradually, so search engines thought you were adding "fresh content" constantly.

However, search engines are smarter today, and this "trick" no longer works.

There's no added benefit to having product posts being drip-fed. 

There are many sites that generate tons of traffic.

- The owners of some of them create 20 pages all in one go and then upload them to their server. There's nothing wrong with that.

- Many of the sites already have some basic "cornerstone content" and then they barely upload any new content for months. That's totally fine too.

In summary: The fastest your product posts are published, the faster search engines can index them, rank them, and send traffic to them.

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