How to add Amazon product recommendations to your ready-made website


First you will create an Amazon Native ad:

Login to the Amazon affiliate program portal: 

Click the orange “Login” button at the top. 

On the next page, enter your login credentials.


Visit the native-ad creation page: 


On the left side, select “Grid” (default option).


Select the Amazon category that is the most relevant. For example: “Tools and Hardware.”


Enter the main niche keyword, in singular form. For example: cordless drill.


Click “Go”.


Add 4 (four) products.


Try to only include products that have MANY reviews (even thousands if possible), at least 4+ star rating, and that aren’t super cheap (that way, the affiliate who owns the website will get some worthwhile commissions from the product).


You can click the “Next” button to find more product recommendations.


You can add more than 4 products initially, and then delete products you feel don’t make the cut.


Try to include products from DIFFERENT companies. Otherwise, if many of the products come from the same company, the website will appear to be completely biased (and we don’t want that).



Edit the title to make it relevant. “[Product type] we recommend” is a good template to use.



Under “Advanced settings”, select “Responsive” and check “No” for “Show Search Bar”



Click the “Click here for Mobile Preview” button.


Select “Mobile”, “Two Rows” and UNcheck “Search Bar.”



How to add the code to the website


Highlight and copy the ad code




Login to your new ready-made WordPress website. Go to Settings ⇒ Ad Inserter.


Paste the code in “Block 1”.



Copy the entire code, also paste it in “Block 2” and “Block 3”, and click the “Save All Settings” button.



Visit one post on your website. Make your browser window narrow. Make sure all the ads appear properly.


Well done! :-)



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