Footer: How to change widget alignment


At the footer of your site, you will see these widget titles:

"Site", "Recent Posts" and "Popular Tags".

If you need to change their alignment, go to:

Your WordPress Dashboard ==> Appearance ==> Weaver Xtreme Admin ==> Main Options ==> Fonts and Custom ==> Custom CSS Rules

To align the widget TITLES to the center, make sure the following code exists in the text area:

.widget-title {text-align:center;}

To align the widget titles to the left, remove the code that says

.widget-title {text-align:center;}


If you need to align the widget TEXT below the titles to the center, add this to the text area:


#footer-widget-area .widget-1 {text-align:center;}
#footer-widget-area .widget-3 {text-align:center;}
#footer-widget-area .widget-2 {text-align:center;}


Click the "Save Settings" button.




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