I purchased some upgrades but can't find them

You should be able to go to https://warriorplus.com/account/purchases, find each individual purchase,  and click the "Access Your Purchase" button.

Pro Version: 

Once you create some sites, you should be able to see some advanced options when you go to Dashboard (of a site you create) > Shorts Videos. For example "Sort videos by", ""Show Videos With at Least X Views " etc.

On Dashboard > Shorts Videos > Options you should be able to see advanced options like "Link-Cloaking Options", "Text-Spinning Options", "Backlink Options"  etc.

If you have access to the Pro features, you will also see tabs on the left like:

  • Backlinks
  • Link Cloaking
  • Social Sharing

Also, some of the functions are "under the hood", without visible options (like certain caching modules for improved speed).

Enterprise Version:

You should see the ability to add more users to your sites: Site Dashboard > Users > Add New.

You should also have received the license document separately.

AI Content Option: After you create a new site, you should see the tab "AI Content" on the left.

DFY Monthly Club: You should have been redirected to a membership site (the content will be in that membership area).

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