How to add a user to your site

Sometimes, you may need to add a new user to your site. This can happen in cases like:

  • You need a virtual assistant to have their own account in your site.
  • You are creating the site for a client, and you want them to be able to check out the site from within.
  • You may want to transfer the site to a new owner.

To add a new user, log in to your site and go to:

Extra Options > Users > Add New

Then, fill in the bottom form that says "Add New User".

NOTE: We strongly recommend the new user has an email address with a stand-alone domain in it, like: somebody @ Free email providers like Gmail have strict filters in place, and sometimes they may block the activation email for the new user.

If you need help, just let us know, and we'll be happy to add the new user to your site ourselves. :-)

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