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Showing multiple countdown timers
Countdown Dynamite allows you to create unlimited countdown timers. 1) For use on the same WordPress website:
The digits don't appear in Countdown Dynamite
This means that there's a javascript error caused by another plugin, or the theme you use. One of the most common mistakes theme developers make is that they create themes that load their own jquery l...
How can I add a countdown timer to my post or page with Countdown Dynamite?
Please, follow these steps: - Create a new post or page (or edit an existing one). - Place your cursor in the content, excatly where you want the
How can I create an OTO (one-time offer) with Countdown Dynamite?
Select  the option "after visitor sees the content once only"  (either in the main Countdown Dynamite admin screen, or in the widget below the content area on the edit-post or edit-page scre...
Can I show the timer of Countdown Dynamite in the sidebar of my site?
Yes, you can. Please add the "Text" (Arbitrary text or HTML) widget in your sidebar, and then add the countdown dynamite shortcode to the widget. W
Can I show the timer on an HTML, non-WordPress site?
Yes, you can. The process is this: Create a WordPress site. Install Countdown Dynamite to it.
How can I modify the MINUTES of a set expiration date?
We recently started using a more modern date picker for our plugin. You can choose the year, month, day of month and hour by clicking on the screen. You can edit the minutes by clicking on them and e...

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