I'm new to WordPress

WordPress is a script that allows you to create a site super fast.

Because of its popularity, many plugins have been created for it.

A few things that may help you get started:

1) You do not need a WordPress account. You cannot use plugins on sites hosted on https://WordPress.com/.

2) You will need to get a hosting account, preferably one with cPanel. For example,  http://HostGator.com or https://www.BlueHost.com.

3) You will need a domain name. You can get one from domain registrars like http://NameCheap.com or http://Godaddy.com.

4)  Install WordPress on your site, with a few clicks, using Softaculous.

5) Upload the plugin to your WordPress site.

6) The look of your site depends 100% on the WordPress theme you use. Here's how to upload a theme to your site.


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