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[Associate Goliath] Could not load product page: blocked by CAPTCHA prompt
Amazon recently applied a new security policy to fight against scraping and/or DDoS attacks. In some cases it gives a false positive, blocking even normal users.
I'm new to WordPress!
WordPress is a script that allows you to create a site super fast. Because of its popularity, many plugins have been created for it. A few things that ma
How to get your keys for Amazon Product Advertising API version 5.0 (APA 5.0)
Starting from November 1st 2019, Amazon introduced version 5.0 of their Product Advertising API.Here's what you need to kno
"No products found for the search criteria" error [Associate Goliath]
This can be caused by reasons such as: - A bug in amazon API (not 100% the same as - temporary issue due to maintenance at - too many search criteria (many keywords for examp...
The Amazon subcategory drop-down menu doesn't show anything. [Associate Goliath]
Not all Amazon categories have subcategories. Also, make sure you have entered your Amazon credentials (associate id, access key id, secret access key).
Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for Amazon affiliates
Please view the new instructions, here. :-)
Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API
Sometimes, you may get the error "Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API", even if you are using the correct Access Key Id and Secret Access Key. This can be because of a te...
"Invalid Amazon credentials" error [Associate Goliath]
1) First of all, make sure you have properly generated your  Secret Access Key and Access Key ID fields. 2) Make sure you don't mismatch your Secre
I see many clicks in my Amazon account [Associate Goliath]
Amazon registers a click every time the API is used. Associate Goliath uses the API to generate and refresh posts. This is normal. Don't worry about it. If you want to see the real traffic stats for ...
Which Wordpress themes are compatible with Associate Goliath?
Associate Goliath should work with any free theme like Twenty Fifteen. Another really cool free theme is
The product image thumbnail doesn't appear on my homepage [Associate Goliath]
First of all, make sure that under "Options" the option "Create featured images" is CHECKED. The thumbnails should appear with all popular f
Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API
You may want to create a new Access Key ID:
YouTube videos don't appear in my posts [Associate Goliath]
Please go under the "Options" tab and fill in your Google API Key in the field "Google API Key." Check out the help link next to that field for detailed instructions on how to get the API key (takes ...
How can I become an Amazon affiliate [Associate Goliath]
Here's a detailed video that shows you how to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, and how to generate your Access Keys:  
What Languages does SpinRewritter Support?
Currently, Spin Rewritter only supports English.
"You are submitting requests too quickly" error
  - - - Update - - -  Amazon made some changes recently.
Google API Key for YouTube videos
Watch this video to see how to get your free Google API key:
I'm getting a blank screen when trying to activate the plugin
Please contact your host and ask them to allow outgoing connections at least to
Prices not available with Associate Goliath
If you generate a post that says "Amazon Price: N/A" see if the Amazon product is available as new, or only as used? That could be the issue. if you can clearly see a price for a new product on Amazo...
Do the product prices get updated automatically? [Associate Goliath]
Yes, product prices are updated automatically, every 24 hours.
[Associate Gliath] How to remove unrelated YouTube videos I don't want
If you see in your posts YouTube videos that are not that related to the product the post is about, you can filter them out, so they never appear again. Use the Associate Goliath widget on the post ...
Error in cURL request: couldn't connect to host
  For Amazon plugins: This usually means that your host may be blocking connections to the Ama
Timestamp is too skewed error
If you get an error lik: Amazon API returned error: Request timestamp is too skewed. Timestamps must be within 900 seconds of server time. Timestamp date: 2016-04-16T10:08:06Z
HTTP Error: 404, 405, 500
In a few rare occasions, you may get this error with a WordPress plugin that needs quite a while to generate something (for example, generate hundreds of posts). Some hosting providers tend to limit t...
Star ratings and "customer reviews as comments" don't appear on my site
If star ratings or reviews inserted as comments don't appear on your site, please read this:Getting star ratings and "reviews as comments" require scraping the Amazon web site. This is something that ...
Can't login to OnlyWire
If you get the message ''Cannot retrieve OnlyWire profiles list: Invalid username/password'': Make sure you have entered

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