HTTP Error: 404, 405, 500


In a few rare occasions, you may get this error with a WordPress plugin that needs quite a while to generate something (for example, generate hundreds of posts).

Some hosting providers tend to limit the maximum time a process can run for, and they stop it.

This can happen after a fixed time like 2 minutes, and it can result in a variety of errors like 404, 405, 500, etc, usually without any description of what the error means.

Similar problems can happen if a proxy like Nginx or Cloudflare is used.

In any of the above cases, please contact your hosting provider and ask them to lift the limit completely. If this is not possible to be done for your entire account, it should at least be done for the wp-admin folder of your WordPress site or at least for the admin-ajax.php script which we use to run long processes.

The above issues are NOT to be confused with PHP's max_excution_time setting which we already adjust automatically when needed.


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