Traffic Goliath PRO adds few or no tags when using the "Tag older/newer posts automatically" features

Please keep the following two things in mind:

1) Traffic Goliath PRO will take the title of the post and search for tags for it on Google, Amazon, Youtube, Bing and Wikipiedia.

If the title is something like "How to lose weight fast", you can expect several tags to be returned.

If the title is much longer or unique like "How to lose 19 pounds of fat and put on 10 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks", then the above sites may not return any keywords or tags.

We will be constantly working to make Traffic Goliath PRO smarter, so it can more accurately guess what a post is about. :-)

2) If you just checked the options "Tag older posts automatically" and saved the settings, it may take a while for tags to be added to all your posts.

This process will keep running on the background, untill all the tags are added. If you have hundreds or thousands of older posts, this process can take several hours.


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