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Traffic Goliath PRO adds few or no tags when using the "Tag older/newer posts automatically" features
Please keep the following two things in mind: 1) Traffic Goliath PRO will take the title of the post and search for tags for it on Google, Amazon, Youtube, Bing and Wikipiedia.
How long does it take to see improved rankings?
The beauty of Traffic Goliath is it will help your WordPress site rank for terms you hadn't even thought of. Speed of results will vary depending on factors like:
How many tags per post will Traffic Goliath return?
When you search for a tag, Traffic Goliath will search on Google, Youtube and Amazon for tags. When you search for a tag, Traffic Goliath will search on Google, Youtube, Amazon Bing and Wikipedia for...
What's the difference between Traffic Goliath and Traffic Goliath PRO?
Traffic Goliath fetches tags from Google, YouTube and Amazon. Traffic Goliath PRO fetches tags from Google, YouTub
What are the recommended settings for Traffic Goliath?
For numbers, we recommend the default ones:Maximum number of links for the SAME tag per post: 3Maximum number of links for
Will the tags appear on my post?
What your posts look like depends on the WordPress theme you use. Some themes show the tags in the posts (say, before or after the post's content). Mo
How do I start using Traffic Goliath?
Here's the Traffic Goliath demo video.   Below is the process in text format:
Does Traffic Goliath work for local websites?
Traffic Goliath is a great tool to give you ideas for extra tags and keywords to rank for. This applies to any kind of website you have, including a local site (about attorneys, doctors, professionals...
How do I know if Traffic Goliath PRO is working?
We have made Traffic Goliath PRO as "hands-free" as possible. You can check a few boxes and save the settings and the plugin goes to work. But how wil
I cannot check some of the settings boxes in Traffic Goliath PRO
Chances are you have the basic version of Traffic Goliath installed. :-) Look in the left menu in your WordPress dashboard. If it says "Traffic Goliath PRO" there, then you have the PRO version.

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