How do I start using Traffic Goliath?

Here's the Traffic Goliath demo video.


Below is the process in text format:

1) Install and activate the plugin.

2) Enter your purchase email on the licensing screen to verify your purchase.

3) Find one of your exsting posts.

4) Click "Edit Post" to visit the post's editor back end

5) Scroll down to the Traffic Goliath widget.

6) Enter the keyword you want to rank for in the "Search for tags" tet field.

7) Click the blue "Search" button.

8) Wait for a few seconds.

9) Check the tags you want to add.

10) Click the blue "Add Selected Tags" button.

11) A popup will appear. Click "ok".

12) Click the Blue "Update" button on the top right of your screen.

13) Refresh the page (Ctrl + R).

14) Done! You should now see the new tags added on the right of your page, under "Tags".



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