I cannot check some of the settings boxes in Traffic Goliath PRO

Chances are you have the basic version of Traffic Goliath installed. :-)

Look in the left menu in your WordPress dashboard. If it says "Traffic Goliath PRO" there, then you have the PRO version.

If it says "Traffic Goliath" there, then you have the basic version.

In the basic version, some of the features are grayed out, you cannot select them, and they have the phrase [PRO FEATURE] on their right.

To upgrade to the PRO version, please follow these instructions:

1) Go under "Plugins" and deactivate Traffic Goliath.

2) Delete Traffic Goliath.

3) On the same Plugins page click "Add New" at the top.

4) Install Traffic Goliath PRO

Activate Traffic Goliath PRO

Done. :-)


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