I use Wordpress multisite to run a membership site or manage websites for clients. Will WP Empire Builder work for this?

Due to popular demand, in less than 48 hours, we will add a new feature and you will be able to do this. The typical Wordpress multisite setup doesn't allow child blog admins to edit plugins or themes. WP Empire Builder uses a modified set up that allows access to all plugins from every child blog as well. This is done because the plugin was created with the marketer who wants to launch many blogs quickly in mind (for example, affiliate blogs).

A new "checkbox option" will be made available to "Allow child site owners to manage plugins and themes" (or not). When this option is UNchecked, this will mean that only you, logged in as "super admin" will be able to manage plugins and themes from the dashboards of child blogs. The users or admins of the child blogs will not be able to manage the plugins and themes.

When you upgraded your blog from "normal" to the "Empire Version" (customized Wordpress Multisite), you as an "admin" became automatically "promoted" to super admin (now that's a cool-sounding title!). The "Empire Builder" tab on the left will always be visible for you as well (even when you are logged in one of the child blogs, so you can find your way back to the WP Empire Builder admin screen easily.

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