Does CB Profit Poster work with Wordpress multisite?

This answer may get a little technical, although the final recommendation should be simple enough :-)
CB Profit Poster uses additional custom DB (database) tables which it creates on activation event (if not created already).
On Wordpress multisite the tables must be created for every child site on which the plugin is activated.

However, when Wordpress "network activates" a plugin, it fires only ONE activation event: for the main site. Thus the plugin creates the tables for that site only and cannot work on other sites.
Perhaps, WP developers suppose that plugins will detect network activation and repeat installation tasks for every site on the network. However, they do not currently provide a function to get a list of sites on the network so it could be obtained via direct DB query only.
While, that's not a biggie, the real problem is possible long execution and execution timeout issue on Wordpress multisite networks with many sites. 
The solution:

Try to "network deactivate" the plugin and activate it for individual "child blogs" or "sites" in your Wordpress multisite network. 

Also, plugins like "Proper network activation" or our WP Empire Builder FIX the problem by firing an activation event for EACH site in separate HTTP request while displaying overall progress.


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