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Can I edit an existing table in CB Profit Poster?
Sure! Just go to edit (or create) a post or page. You will see the CB Profit Poster widget below the content text area. Select the table you want to edit from the drop down menu, and click the "edit"...
How do I add an existing Clickbank table to a post or page with CB Profit Poster?
1) Go to the edit-post or edit-page screen and place your cursor where you want the Clickbank table to appear. 2) Click the CB Profit Poster icon above the text area. A drop-down menu with the names ...
My affiliate link isn't cloaked in the CB Profit Poster table!
The cloaking of URLs only works on the blog itself. For example, your affiliate link for product "Valuable Product" may be
How can I be sure that the Clickbank tables that CB Profit Poster creates have my affiliate hop id?
When you click your affiliate link and land on a merchant's website, their site may show in your browser's address bar something like or just Both of t...
While going through the CB Profit Poster wizard, I received a "Terminated" error
This can happen in rare conditions (like when opening the plugin in two windows). Basically, it means that the plugin received a process termination command (sent by Cancel button for example). The ...
When I click my Clickbank affiliate link in a CB Profit Poster table, I get the error: "No input file specified"
This is likely because of an "abnormal" permalink setting in your blog. Check your permalinks Settings ==> Permalinks
With CB profit Poster i get the message "Table Name: Value is required and can't be empty"
Please enter a name for your table at the top of the screen :-). Here's how:
Does CB Profit Poster work with Wordpress multisite?
  This answer may get a little technical, although the final recommendation should be simple enough :-)   CB Profit Poster uses additional custom DB (database) tables which it creates on ...
Error getting information from ClickBank: Cannot extract category list
Sometimes, Clickbank may change their user agreement. In those cases, they require you to login to your account and accept the agreement. Please
Insert CB profit Poster table with the Gutenberg editor
Because WordPress has changed the way the post/page editor works, we had to make some changes. Now, there are two ways to add a table to a post page:1) By using the "Insert CB Profit Poster Table" w

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