The WP Stealth Note window doesn't appear on my blog

1) Make sure that you have set the window to appear where you want it (homepage, posts, pages).

2) If you have selected the rotated messages to appear, say, once every 3 days, and you visit your blog and the window appears, then you will see that message 3 days later. If you want to see it again, please click the "clear cookie" button and the rotation will start again for you.

I recommend that you initially allow "The same visitor to see the message every 0 days", which means the message will always appear, until you get it looking right. Then, you can enter a different number in the "days" field and save your settings.

3) Try changing to a WordPress-approved theme like Twenty Twelve. If the message appears, then there's likely a bug or irregularity in your blog's active theme, and you may want to contact the theme's developer about it.

4) If you have set your homepage to be a static page, then the "homepage" function will not take effect, because that only applies when you are showing your latest posts in the homepage. Make sure you check the "Pages" option and then, if needed, modify the options for the specific page you have set as homepage.

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