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 Initial Setup
       How do I get a YouTube API Key v3?
       What theme / template can I use with Video Profit Engine?
       Where can I find affiliate links to post under the videos?
       I upgraded to the PRO version of Video Profit Engine. Do I need to install the basic one?
       I have an existing YouTube API Key. Do I need a new one?
 Troubleshooting Errors
       How can I make the video results more relevant?
       YouTube API request failed: Failed to connect. Network is unreachable
       No results found. No videos found
       Video thumbnails don't appear on my website
       I can't activate Video Profit Engine
       Http 404 405 500 error not allowed
       I can's select some videos from the preview page
       InnoDB error
       The referrer null does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API key.
       Another instance is running. Terminated
       YouTube API request failed: Invalid Channel
 Frequently Asked Questions
       How do the monetization templates work?
       How to organize my post and templates?
       Can I use other people's YouTube videos on my site?
       Can I add my own posts on a site built with Video Profit Engine?
       How to hide the featured image above the video?
       I wanted to upgrade to the PRO version, but lost the upgrade link
       Does the plugin work with any language?

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